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Professor Hans Georg Kress, MD, PhD


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Professor Hans Georg Kress, MD, PhD

Immediate Past President of the European PAIN Federation EFIC® and
chairman of the CHANGE PAIN® Initiative

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Since 1993, Hans Georg Kress is Full Professor of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine and Head of the Department of Special Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy at the Medical University / AKH Vienna . From 1994 to 2003 he was also a director of the Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute for Experimental Anaesthesiology and Research in Intensive Care Medicine in Vienna.

Professor Kress earned his MD and PhD degrees and completed his residency in Germany. In 1989, he was awarded the Central-European Anaesthesiology Award by the German, Swiss and Austrian Societies of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. He is certified by the Austrian and the German Board of Physicians, with added qualifications in Pain Management, Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Care.

After having been councillor of EFIC from 2001-2005, he was Honorary Treasurer and member of the Executive Board of EFIC until 2008, when he became President Elect. In 2011, Professor Kress became President of EFIC and his term will last until 2014. He was founding chairman of the Task Force on Pain Management for the Austrian Society of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care Medicine, and past president of the Austrian Pain Society (National IASP Chapter). He has been a co-founder and executive board member of the Austrian Society for Palliative Care.

Professor Kress is Deputy Editor of the European Journal of Pain (EJP) and was a co-editor of Acute Pain. He has authored numerous scientific articles, books and book chapters. His multiple clinical and experimental research interests include pharmacological treatment of acute and chronic pain, invasive pain management and neuromodulation in cancer and non-cancer patients, neuro- and immunopharmacology of anaesthetics and analgesics.




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